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Understanding French Patio Doors

The patio is an extension of your living space, which means you want the transition between your indoors and outdoors to be as seamless as possible. There’s no better way to achieve this perfect look than with Energy Star® windows and French patio doors.

Before you decide on how to design this important part of your home, it’s best to understand a few important points about the door you choose. Here’s a brief overview of French patio doors as well as design inspirations to really create that cozy space that’s right for you.

What Is a French Door?

French doors, surprisingly, originated from Italy. These are light structures built with multiple small energy-efficient windows that provide homes with an open view of what’s on their other side and at the same time creates a secure barrier with easy access. French doors are best used in patios, but some architectural styles allow their use as indoor entryways as well. Lastly, French doors can also be called French windows, despite the fact that they are doors and not windows.

Beautify Plain Rooms

The simple yet elegant construction of French doors can be a good focal point to turn a plain room into a welcoming sunroom. Pair it with a gorgeous vista, and you have a quick way to upgrade any room in your home into a stunning room with a view.

Value and Aesthetics

The performance of a French patio door depends on the quality of its installation. It’s best to find a good door and windows installer to handle the job and maximize its value. While it is perfectly functional, its main purpose is to enhance aesthetics. You can create dramatic designs in any room with a French door.

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