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Tips to Make Your Small Space Look and Feel Bigger

Living in a small space requires you to make some compromises. You have to make adjustments on your decorating and organizing endeavors as well as your lifestyle to avoid that cramped feeling as much as possible.

Then again, there are ways you can make it look and feel bigger without having to move walls.

Consider a Light Color Scheme

Dark, warm colors invoke coziness and intimacy, but it can make the room feel cramped and dreary.  If you have this color scheme, you can consider switching to light, cool hues. This will make your small space feel open and airy. For this, choose softer shades of blues or greens to achieve that effect.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Sunlight flooding your small interior can fool the eye into seeing more space. Keep the blinds open in rooms that don’t require privacy. Otherwise, use drapes; these won’t make your room darker, yet will still protect your space from prying eyes. For a more permanent solution, consider a home window replacement

Open Up Your Floor Space

You can achieve a bigger looking room if you expose enough floor space. For this, move furniture away from the wall to create that roomy illusion. You can even invest in a table or sofa with legs. Interior items that rest directly on the floor will appear too large and bulky.

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