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The Many Different Ways Windows Protect Your Home

The windows in your home not only let sunlight in to brighten up your interior and provide the best views of your outdoors. They also protect your home in many different ways.

Protection From Heat and Cold

Windows play a huge role in helping your indoors stay comfortable all year round. High-performance units, in fact, reduce the movement of heat, making sure it stays where it is supposed to be. With this, you reduce your HVAC usage for your heating and cooling during the winter and summer, respectively, translating into better energy savings.

Protection From Outside Noise

Believe it or not, you can get a replacement window that can absorb sound coming from the outdoors. You can achieve a peaceful, noise-free home through units with glass that has a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer that helps in sound wave interference.

Protection From Water, Dust and Insects

Moisture won’t be a problem you’ll have to deal with if you have windows that have strong weatherproofing. Seals around the frames prevent the entry of drafts and water. Also, functioning windows open and close with ease. With this, you prevent dust and insects from entering your interior.

Window Safety Tips to Consider

Windows do offer protection, but observing safety is likewise important when around them. If you have children, make sure the units are locked. Remove furniture near windows to prevent them from climbing up onto the sills. Also, in case of emergencies, the openings can be used as a secondary escape route. With that in mind, create an escape plan that you can practice with your kids.

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