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Staining Renewal by Andersen® Windows: Do’s and Don’ts

Congratulations on your new Renewal by Andersen® windows! Your new windows are guaranteed to perfectly complement the interior and exterior of your home.

Staining Renewal by Andersen® Windows: Do’s and Don’ts

Staining your new windows may be a great idea, too. But before proceeding to this step, Renewal by Andersen of Boise has a few reminders for you.


  1. Ensure all the materials you need are on hand and kept in a safe storage. Stains and finishes can be toxic, especially when handled improperly, so keep them away from children and pets.

  2. Stain and finish your new wood veneer window interiors within 30 days of installation. This will prevent marring or discoloration due to dust, fingerprints or moisture.

  3. Practice on a natural wood veneer sample piece before staining your windows. Familiarize yourself with the instructions from start to finish to minimize the risk of errors. Local Renewal by Andersen representatives can provide you with samples.

  4. Use a wood conditioner to remove oils, dust or residue. This will create a cleaner, stronger bond between the veneer and stain.

  5. When in doubt, call on experts. Renewal by Andersen of Boise is one of the most reliable window installation companies out there. They have the skills and experience so you should enlist their help if you’re not feeling up to the task.


  1. Do not apply stain on the Fibrex® composite material itself. Most Renewal by Andersen products are available with an interior wood veneer finish, which is applied on top of the Fibrex material. Keep in mind that you can only apply stain on these wood veneers. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with permanent damage and voiding the limited warranty.

  2. Do not stain the grilles without removing them from the window. When staining natural wood window grilles, you should always remove the grilles from the glass to avoid damage.

  3. Do not close the window until the stain has dried completely. Once the stain is thoroughly dry, it is recommended to apply a fast-drying polyacrylic finish. This will help protect the stain and extend its lifespan.

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