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Preparing for a Window Replacement Consultation With a Pro

Finding a window replacement contractor that you can trust is an important step. But apart from checking their qualifications and past projects, you should set aside time to meet with them as well.

Preparing for a Window Replacement Consultation With a Pro

Stressing the significance of consulting with pros, Renewal by Andersen® of Boise, a trusted expert in various types of windows, offers four tips to ensure a productive and smooth relationship with your contractor.

1. Be Clear About Your Expectations

Make sure you’re both on the same page so that you can address each other’s concerns early on in the process. Be open and direct about your budget, timeline and goals. This way, your contractor can promptly advise you on important matters and help manage your expectations.

2. Do Your Own Research Prior to the Meeting

Find out more information about your contractor and the typical procedure for window replacement. Also, research ideas for the window you want and write down any questions you have. This will help ensure that all important details will be covered during the consultation.

3. Be Available for the Final Estimate

Your contractor will give you a ballpark estimate for their window replacement service on site. However, they are also likely to crunch numbers off-site before giving you a final quote. Make sure you’re available when they call to give the final estimate. This will give you the chance to ask questions and go into detail before accepting their quote.

4. Prepare Your Home

Ask your contractor if you need to clear the room for your consultation. Preparing your home before the meeting can speed things up as your contractor can focus on determining an accurate estimate instead of moving various items out of the way.

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