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4 Ways to Remove and Prevent Mold Growth on Your Windows

Mold can be cultivated in your home if there’s an abundance of moisture in the area. It can cause interior damage to your home and health problems for your household in the long run. It’s usually easy to spot in your home, even if it affects your window casings. While windows keep moisture away from your home’s interior, that doesn’t mean they’re immune from the dampness caused by condensation. This can encourage mold growth on your window casings.

In this post, window replacement service provider, Renewal by Andersen® of Boise, discusses the five best ways to remove and prevent mold growth on your windows casings.

  1. Thorough Cleaning – Your windows need a thorough cleaning if mold has already appeared. You can dampen the moldy window to prevent the spores from flying and spreading further while you remove them. Afterward, simply mix a few drops of soap in warm water, and wipe the window casing with a clean rag. Rinse the casing with clean water, and dry it thoroughly once you’re done. If necessary, you can use a plastic scraper to loosen the mold.

  1. Use a Dehumidifier – Once you’ve removed the mold, the next best thing you can do is simply to prevent mold growth. Since mold grows due to moisture, you’ll have to remove excess moisture from your home. One of the best ways to do this is by installing dehumidifiers in your home.

  1. Replace the Window – If you keep seeing mold growth on your window casings shortly after you just cleaned them, then it’s possible your window isn’t doing its job of keeping moisture out. This could be due to a manufacturing defect in your window or your window is simply old. Either way, the best course of action is to replace your windows with better quality ones.

  1. Reduce Plants – If you have a large number of plants in your home, it’s best that you remove some of them. This is because plants actually put moisture in the air, and their soil can become a breeding ground for mold.

  1. Install Exhaust Fans – Exhaust fans are a great asset in removing moisture from your home. Therefore, consider installing exhaust fans in the rooms high in humidity, such as your kitchen or your bathroom, to prevent mold from growing in the window casings and the room in general.

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