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Biggest Window and Door Trends for 2019

If you think 2019 is the year for your windows and doors to get an upgrade, here are some top trends you should consider.

Biggest Window and Door Trends for 2019


Windows have an impact on your home’s interior and exterior, so choosing the right design is crucial to achieving a cohesive look. This year’s window trends can match a variety of styles.

Black Frames

White-framed windows will always be a classic, but the sleek and modern look of black window frames are making a wave this year. Although black may seem like a basic color, it still effectively lends a stylish look to both traditional and modern homes. Black window frames are a safe bet if you want to turn your windows into a statement piece without making it appear gaudy.

Minimal and Modern Design

More glass, less frame – this is the growing consensus among homeowners today. People are getting larger windows, specifically floor-to-ceiling ones, which typically work great for living spaces. Fixed windows without patterns or grids are often preferred as they provide unobstructed views.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to focus more on functionality, consider getting energy-efficient windows. These are among the best replacement windows to invest in as they can provide long-term energy savings. Opt for Energy Star®-certified windows so you can be sure of reduced environmental impact.


The best thing about doors is they don’t burn a hole in your pocket when you give them a facelift. Total replacement isn’t necessary as you can simply change the color or details, such as doorknobs and knockers.

Bold Colors

Living Coral may be 2019’s Pantone® Color of the Year, but the hues of blue have been dominating doors this year. If blue isn’t your color, you can still get a head-turning curb appeal by picking any bold color.

Smart Door Lock

If you have ever found yourself unable to remember if you locked the door, or you couldn’t reach your keys because your hands were full, a smart door lock might sound appealing to you. It works with a smartphone app and your phone’s Bluetooth to help you out in those kinds of situation.

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