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6 Ways to Improve Air Circulation in Your Home

Air circulation and ventilation are vital to the functionality of every home. After all, they regulate your indoor temperatures, prevent mold and remove air impurities. Basically, they enable your home to be the safe and pleasant breathing space it’s meant to be. That’s why it’s very important that you improve the air circulation and ventilation in your home so you can reap the health benefits of breathing clean indoor air. Thankfully, there are various ways to do this.

6 Ways to Improve Air Circulation in Your Home

  1. Open Doors and Windows – This the simplest way to improve your indoor air circulation. Simply open your windows in different rooms to create a cross flow of air that can improve the circulation in your entire house. This cross flow will also cool your body and remove hot air from your home. This is because you’re pushing stale air out in favor of fresh air and getting rid of pollutants, allergens and any excess moisture.
  2. Run Your Fans – Traditional fans can also help with air circulation in your home, whether it’s a window fan or a ceiling fan. Not only that, but it also helps you cool down on a hot day, making staying at home more comfortable.
  3. Install Attic Vents – Some might think an attic vent isn’t necessary, but it is very important. In fact, a lack of attic ventilation can cause stagnant air and excess heat and moisture to be trapped in your home, making things more uncomfortable. This is a job best left to contractors, however, so be sure to call one should you decide to install attic vents in your home.
  4. Install Exhaust Fans – Exhaust fans can improve your indoor air since they draw air and moisture outward, improving indoor ventilation. They can also lower humidity levels in your home and remove impurities in the air. An exhaust fan is especially useful in the kitchen and in the bathroom, where humidity is highest in your home, and moisture and stale air build up faster.
  5. Install a Home Ventilation System – If you decide to go the technological route, consider having a home ventilation system installed. A well-designed and properly installed home ventilation system can be great for your home no matter what the weather. It can also replace the stale air with fresh, dry air to create a healthier environment for your household.
  6. Overnight Ventilation – One of the ways you can improve ventilation in your home is by leaving your windows slightly open overnight. This allows the reduction of excess moisture and mold growth, especially during the summer. Take care when you do this in the winter, however, as too much heat might escape.

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